Our Story

Shalom Lloyd

Founder and Managing Director

“Naturally Tribal Skincare was born from personal experience. In 2014, I was blessed with the birth of my twins. My boy, Joshua, had miserable eczema – scratch ’till you bleed’ irritation and I couldn’t bare the idea of smothering his sensitive new skin with chemical emollients and steroids.

As a qualified pharmacist I understood the values of these treatments, however – our skin is a huge exchange organ which absorbs a lot of what we put on it. So, when you think about it, what we put on ourselves, and our families skin, should be just as important as what we eat.

I looked to my African heritage for inspiration, recalling recipes containing all natural ingredients, which has been used in Africa for generations. I started to experiment in my kitchen, using high-quality Shea butter as a base, stumbled across the right formulation and within three days of application Joshua’s skin was softer and the scratching had significantly reduced.”